Stuart Quimby is a performer, composer, and educator in both jazz and classical music genres. As a performer, his current focus is on flute and voice, but a list of instruments he plays includes; most of the baroque wind instruments, the Balinese gamelan instruments suling bali, saron, and reong, the blues harp and chromatic harmonica, the trumpet, various keyboards (esp. early synths), and several experimental instruments of his own design.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Quimby has worked as a computer network analyst and designer, a digital security consultant, a researcher in advanced geometry, a lecturer on childhood education, a computer programmer, and an applied mathematician.

As president and co-founder of Design Science Toys, he developed over 40 different toys (many inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller) which have won several international design awards and were the focus of numerous museum exhibits.  During that period Quimby worked on projects with the mechanical engineering department at M.I.T, and later designed and built most of the automated production equipment for his own toy factory.

He served over a year as the personal chef to the French Minister of Agriculture, and has served as sous or executive chef in several high-profile restaurants.  He was a co-founder and CTO of Primo Piatto, a chain of five gourmet Italian restaurants in Manhattan.

He has spent almost four decades exploring psycho-acoustics, especially microtonal tunings.  He designed and built several experimental instruments – including a guitar with movable frets and collaborated in the construction of an organ that plays 43 notes per octave.  He has published articles on microtonal techniques for the flute, pitch perception, and the multi-dimensional representation of wave forms.

Quimby has studied with Richard Davis, Paul Robeson, Les Thimmig, Roscoe Mitchell, Robert Dick, Doc Cheatham, Jean-Pierre Rampal, and Frans Brüggen among many others.  An abbreviated list of his credits include stints with Luther Allison and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and performances with Paquito D’Rivera,  Ben Sidran, Vassar Clements, Jimmy Schwall, Gordon Lightfoot, the Brüggen Quartet, several chamber groups and classical ensembles, as well as the jazz quartet M.2.Q, which he co-founded. He has recorded on numerous albums over the years in multiple genres.

Quimby is the father of two adult sons (both musicians!) and currently resides in the Mid Hudson Valley.