M.2.Q –

2013/11/02 – Dutch Reformed Church, Poughkeepsie, NY

Vinnie Martucci piano, Stuart Quimby flute, Steve Rust bass, and Peter O’Brien drums.  I’d note that in true jazz fashion, (with the exception of ‘Footsteps’) the quartet was playing all of these compositions for the first time…

Here’s the opening tune ‘Footsteps’ by Wayne Shorter, in a Nov. ’13 Concert at the beautiful Reformed Church Cathedral in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The term ‘ricercar’ means ‘to search out’ and is a type of late Renaissance/Early Baroque fugue – typically of a serious nature and featuring long note values that ‘search’ for a mode. Here’s a a ricercar by Bach with the jazz interpretation written by Vinnie Martucci, pianist for M.2.Q.

An astonishing composition – ‘Laurie’, by Bill Evans. For some reason the video doesn’t appear at first – just the sound for the first minute or so, and then sound and video are out of sync for another minute or two. It all comes together in the end, though…

Another classical piece, Chopin’s Opus 28 #20, with the jazz adaptation by Vinnie Martucci, M.2.Q pianist.

Our final tune of the Nov. 2013 M.2.Q concert. This Joe Zawinul piece really gets cooking!